The Art of Dialogue Facilitation

Creating Radical Learning Experiences Training

Whether you are an educator, a community leader, or simply passionate about promoting transformational dialogue, this training is designed to meet your needs!

This training program is specifically designed to empower individuals with the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to facilitate meaningful and impactful dialogue that fosters understanding, connection, and growth.

Training Logistics

Population: Educators, community leaders, organizational managers, and anyone passionate about fostering meaningful dialogue in their communities.

​Capacity: Up to 20 participants is ideal.

Mode: virtual or in-person, no hybrid mode.

Language: English or Spanish.

Length: 5 hours (1 day training) 

Original Cost: $5,000. Up to 50% of the original cost can be negotiated, depending on specific non-monetary agreements chosen by the client. 

Through interactive exercises, real-life scenarios, and hands-on experiences, participants will delve into the art of dialogue facilitation, learning how to effectively manage group dynamics, encourage active participation, and navigate challenging moments with confidence and authenticity. Together, we will uncover shared understandings, bridge divides, and promote constructive dialogue that leads to radical change.


By the end of the training, participants will have:

  • Developed skills to facilitate, reinforce, and maintain group agreements collaboratively.
  • Designed practical warm-up activities that engage participants, set the tone for learning, and suit different learning needs.
  • Practiced paraphrasing and mirroring techniques to enhance and promote comprehension.
  • Demonstrated techniques such as calling for responses, deliberate refocusing, and intentional silence to encourage active participation and engagement from learners.
  • Applied strategies to effectively gather and synthesize learners’ ideas, such as stacking and summarizing.
  • Examined skills to find common ground during moments of tension.

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