Suicide Speaks:

Death Agency as Racial Justice and Community Care Training

It’s time for a radical shift in Suicide Prevention.

In this training, we begin to understand the concept of suicide as a multifaceted social justice issue and re-define the concept of mental health as a systemic factor.

By the end of the training, participants will have

  • Distinguished between the concept of Death Agency and Suicide
  • Expanded their perception of mental health to include systemic influences
  • Highlighted sociocultural conditions that influence suicidal thinking in Latine and Black communities
  • Practiced community care values through open-ended questions and strategies to support those expressing suicidal intent

Training Logistics

Population: For therapists, social services providers, health care professionals, educators, high schoolers, and college students/staff.

​Capacity: 20-40 participants max is ideal.

Delivery: This is a 9 hour virtual or in-person training spread across three days (3 hours per day).

Cost: $6000 for virtual version or $7000 for in-person version.


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