Suicide Prevention as Racial Justice and Community Care

It is time for a radical shift in suicide prevention.

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Training Logistics

Population: For therapists, mental health counselors, clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals.

​Capacity: Up to 40 participants max is ideal.

Mode: Virtual or in-person, no hybrid mode.

Language: English or Spanish.

Length: 5 hours (1 day).

Cost: $2,500. 

Our Suicide Prevention as Racial Justice and Community Care Training takes a comprehensive approach, delving deep into the social, economic, and political structures that shape despair and hopelessness. We go beyond the narrow perspective of “chemical imbalances” and explore the broader factors that contribute to suicidal ideation. By understanding these underlying influences, participants gain a more holistic understanding of suicide and how to address it.

Through engaging content and interactive learning activities, we provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to offer creative, culturally sensitive, and restorative care to those seeking support.

If interested in offering mental health education to youth and young adults, we recommend the workshop Checking in on your Friends: Protecting our Mental Health with Community Care.

By the end of the training, participants will have

  • Distinguished the psychiatry model of suicide from the social justice model of suicide.
  • Examined examples of biases and judgments commonly held against suicidal folks.
  • Classified their personal comfort, stretch, and panic zones in response to different levels of suicidal thinking.
  • Named the various ways colonialist values manifest in the attitudes, behaviors, and policies within crisis response environments.
  • Evaluated alternative approaches and strategies that challenge and dismantle colonialist values within crisis responses.

    [I learned] that suicide can be talked about candidly, without judgment, and without panicking…it was a very healing training for me and I wasn’t expecting that, and it gave me concrete tools to talk to others that I found matched up with my values and were very helpful.

    Training Participant

    Community Action Pioneer Valley

    Usually, I really struggle at suicide/trauma-themed trainings, and often I leave feeling really really down. The facilitator did an amazing job modeling validation while answering questions. I felt understood and heard without even having to say anything. Thanks for bringing the real-ness! I was given tools AND a new mindset to use in a hard situation.

    Training Participant

    Community Action Pioneer Valley

    I think the presenter’s own experience, shared without any stigma, shame, or fear (and even shared with humor and passion), brought the presentation alive. And the examples of how to ask the question “Are you thinking of suicide” were impactful and something I will take away.

    Training Participant

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