Social Determinants of Latine and Black Mental Health Workshop Series

Latine and Black communities deserve culturally relevant

mental health support

In this series, we take a deeper look at the social and cultural experiences central to Latine and Black culture. Personal stories and cultural knowledge are shared to better understand the power of language in defining lived experiences and how these lived experiences influence a person’s well being. Lastly, the added stress and harm caused when care strategies do not consider social and cultural factors is also explored.

Colorism and



Assimilation and


Marianismo and



Logistics for Workshop Series 


Population: For therapists, social services providers, health care professionals, educators, high schoolers, and college students/staff.

​Capacity: 20-40 participants max is ideal.

Delivery: Contractor may request a workshop OR the full five part series. 3 hours per workshop.

Cost: $4000 per virtual workshop or $5000 per in-person workshop.


These are the statistics, we can do better.

Indigenous adults were at the highest risk in 2019 for suicidal thoughts, followed by Latines and white adults equally. For 2019 suicide attempts, Black adults were at the highest risk, followed by Latines then white and Indigenous adults equally

(Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, 2020)


The suicide rate among those younger than 13 is about 2x higher for Black children compared with white children

(Bridge et al., 2018)

High rates of attempted suicides are observed among Latine high school students in the United States, especially in Puerto Rico

(Polanco-Roman, 2020)

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