Suicide Prevention Training Series

 Part 1: Mental Health Beyond the Individual


Shifting from Individual Responsibility to Systemic Accountability

Taking care of our mental health does not stop with us. We must also hold systems accountable for their role in our wellness. The Mental Health Beyond the Individual training encourages participants to redefine the concept of mental health as an individual issue by reflecting on the four types of oppression and their relevance to well-being.

By the end of the training, participants will have

  • Expanded their perception of mental health to include systemic influences
  • Understood how oppression operates in its multiple forms
  • Examined examples about the effects of oppression on well-being

The following people and organizations have experienced this training:

“I liked how honest and raw the presenter was about everything she discussed. I especially liked how she connected mental health to social constructs. I never thought of it in that way, but she did a great job connecting the two, and I totally agree!”


Stop Access Coalition

“I found the discussion on microaggressions to be particularly impactful. It was eye-opening to hear from everyone in our discussion group and experience a sense of unity and solidarity with the fact that we all have encountered microaggressions in some way in our lives. “


DIAL/SELF Youth & Community Services AmeriCorps

“The atmosphere that was set in place created a space where we could connect without any judgment. I enjoyed the sticky-note exercise because it was anonymous, allowing for confidentiality, but also you may relate to others and feel that you are not alone. “


Chica Project

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