La Cultura Sana Responder Program

Meeting the community where they are at with
culturally relevant resources and education

The Cultura Sana (The Culture Cures) Responder Training and Outreach Program is here to provide education and resources to traditional and cultural mental health supports. Our main objectives are:

  • Boosting their confidence in assisting clients who are facing mental health challenges.
  • Creating a support network within their community, where people can rely on each other during tough emotional times, and together, resist unwanted hospitalizations due to legal concerns and wellness checks involving the police or legal system.

    By the end of the training, participants will have

      • Defined the relationship between customer service and mental health support
      • Applied Community Care Techniques to support clients experiencing distress
      • Identified local and national resources and demonstrated an understanding of how to utilize them

    The training portion of this program is free of cost, pending the receipt of a grant. As of 11/28/23, grants necessary to continue the program have not been received.


    Ysabel Garcia talks with New England Public Media about the Cultura Sana program.

    Who are the Cultural Mental Health Responders?

    People who are in a position to respond to mental health crises come from many different walks of life. These are people we encounter every day and trust with our well-being. Though not considered as mental health professionals, they still provide quality and consistent emotional support.

    Some good examples of these include hair stylists and barbers, nail technicians, bar tenders and servers, library workers, tattoo artists, massage therapists, doulas, herbalists, school bus monitors, personal trainers, house cleaners, florists and funeral home workers. As you can see, the list is broad. What they all share is a sense of connection with their community and a position to offer support to those who need it.

    La Cultura Sana Pop-Ups

    La Cultura Sana Pop-Ups consists of an interactive tabling experience with a variety of suicide prevention resources and giveaways. The purpose is to meet community members at key social and cultural sites that they often visit to make suicide prevention information as accessible as possible.