Suicide Prevention Training Series

Part 3: Interrupting Suicide with Community Care

Become a Compassionate Interruptor with Estoy Aqui 

Common responses to people wanting to die include control, fear, and violence. These responses can cause harm and worsen the pain that is already there. The Interrupting Suicide with Community Care training offers an alternative to these responses by outlining community care values that promote compassion and curiosity when interrupting suicidal intent. Recorded role-plays included.

By the end of the training, participants will have

  • Identified levels of suicidal intensity
  • Understood how fear influences their role and ability to address suicidality 
  • Practiced community care values through open-ended questions and strategies to support those expressing suicidal intent

    The following people and organizations have experienced this training:

    “[I learned] that suicide can be talked about candidly, without judgment, and without panicking… it was a very healing training for me and I wasn’t expecting that, and it gave me concrete tools to talk to others that I found matched up with my values and were very helpful.”


    Community Action Pioneer Valley Youth & Workforce Development

    “The facilitator did an amazing job modeling validation while answering questions. I felt understood and heard without even having to say anything. Thanks for bringing the real-ness! I was given tools AND a new mindset to use in a hard situation.”


    Community Action Pioneer Valley Youth & Workforce Development

    “Ysabel truly took the opposite approach of the “sanitized” Suicide Training sessions and GOT REAL with it. It has already influenced how I plan to deliver services going forward and allowed me to… make space for clients to feel ok talking about it.”


    Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence

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