Exploring Organizational Culture in Non-Profits

for Non-Profits & Their Employees

Exploring Organizational Culture in Non-Profits is a four-part Community Care Circle (CCC) Series for non-profit employees to recognize the white supremacy norms embedded in the policies, practices, and structures of their organizations.


  • Deepen your understanding of the ways white supremacy norms are embedded in the areas of hiring/promotion, supervision, policies/practices, and workplace culture
  • Share and gain multiple perspectives on white supremacy as a barrier to wellness
  • Practice Estoy Aqui’s Community Care model for continued healing and resistance

Course Logistics

Population: Universities, Non-Profits, Community Centers, Organizations interested in raising awareness

​Capacity: 12 participants max is ideal for the circle process. 20 participants max is ideal for the workshop version.

Mode: Virtual or in person, no hybrid mode

Language: English or Spanish

Length: 3 hours per part x four parts
1. Policies/practices
2. Hiring/promotion
3. Workplace culture
4. Supervision

Delivery Options:
• 1 Circle every two days
• 1 Circle per week
• 1 Circle bi-weekly
• 1 Circle per month

Cost: $550 per circle

Things to Note: It is recommended to experience the entire series, however, each circle can work as a standalone program. CCC’s can also be an excellent addition to Workshops/Trainings as a way to do deeper work with a group.

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