Social Determinants of Latine and Black Mental Health

Workshop Series


Marianismo and Machismo in Latine and Black Communities Workshop


Gender roles are a strong component of Latine relationships and are traditionally upheld through the concepts of Machismo and Marianismo: Latine cultural values that describe gendered norms to follow in society. This session considers the social and behavioral effects of Marianismo and Machismo on ourselves and others.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have

  • Identified attitudes influenced by Marianismo and Machismo in their environment
  • Examined the beneficial and harmful effects of Marianismo and Machismo on mental health
  • Considered how Marianismo and Machismo behaviors affect belonging and acceptance

It’s always good to put a name to things. First time hearing the word Marianismo. Also, hearing the points of views of different people and finding out that they grew up experiencing the same things is also interesting.

Workshop Participant

I really appreciated the conversation about different gender roles and focusing on the women as well.

Workshop Participant

Learning about the concepts was very eye opening and allowed me to reflect on my life.

Workshop Participant

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