Social Determinants of Latine and Black Mental Health

Workshop Series


Assimilation and Acculturation in Latine and Black Communities Workshop


The Latine and Black community in the U.S. often grapples with the processes of Assimilation (fully adopting the new, more dominant culture) and/or Acculturation (embracing the original culture and adapting to the dominant one) which can be challenging at best and painfully disorienting for many. This session focuses on the complex impact of these two processes on the behaviors, relationships, and values of first and second-generation Latine and Black immigrants.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have

  • Identified aspects of Assimilation and Acculturation from the first and second-generation U.S. Latine and Black immigrant perspective
  • Explored the advantages and disadvantages of Assimilation and Acculturation experiences and the mental health impact associated with them
  • Considered the stress of the immigration experience in relation to a sense of self, safety, and belonging

The topic of assimilation and acculturation plays a huge role in working with families in our schools. I felt like this topic shed some light and helped us reflect on the stressors and challenges we should keep in mind when working with families and students. We cannot assume to know what a family is experiencing, but rather we should try to build a relationship and get to know them better.

Workshop Participant

I found the whole training to be a positive experience. It was helpful to have another perspective, especially from somebody who has been through the whole immigration process herself. It was also helpful to think about all of the things that can be challenging for students who are first or second-generation immigrants.

Workshop Participant

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