Social Determinants of Latine and Black Mental Health

Workshop Series


Colorism and Anti-Blackness in Latine and Black Communities Workshop

Phrases such as “Pelo Malo” (bad or curly hair) and “Mejora la Raza” (better the race) are heard in the vocabulary of many Latines. These are indicators of colorism, a preference for lighter skin tones, and anti-Blackness, a specific form of racism against Black people.

In this session, we define, understand, and explore their role in our development and self-concept.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have

  • Defined Colorism and Anti-Blackness in the context of Latine culture
  • Understood how Colorism and Anti-Blackness become internalized during identity development
  • Explored the tension between self-acceptance and the adoption of Colorism and Anti-Blackness

[I liked] talking about racism and colorism in the professional setting. The presenter’s honesty and openness were refreshing and essential in creating the open discussion we had.

Workshop Participant

As a white woman, it gave me an abundance of information I can use personally and in my profession. It was great hearing my colleagues’ personal life experiences and learning everyone’s different perspectives. I will remember this training forever.

Workshop Participant

Ysabel offered a huge wealth of knowledge on the history of colorism. She was very open, kind, respectful and an effective communicator- speaking AND listening. We had an amazing open space for talking about some really tough subjects.

Workshop Participant

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