Checking in on Your Friends

Protecting our Mental Health with Community Care

Take the first step towards a more compassionate and collective approach to mental health.

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Training Logistics

Population: High schoolers, college students  

​Capacity: Up to 20 participants max is ideal.

Mode: Virtual or in-person, no hybrid mode.

Language: English or Spanish.

Length: 2 hours.

Original Cost: ​$2,000. Up to 50% of the original cost can be negotiated, depending on specific non-monetary agreements chosen by the client. Access chart here

While self-care is often recommended as a means to promote well-being, it can inadvertently reinforce the harmful notion that individuals alone are solely responsible for their mental health, disregarding the systemic factors that contribute to their distress.

Our workshop titled Checking in on Your Friends: Protecting our Mental Health with Community Care aims to shift the focus from individual responsibility to collective action through engaging and practical exercises that delve into the principles of community care and emphasize using compassionate tools to assist our communities during times of emotional intensity. By exploring these concepts together, we can foster supportive environments that address the broader factors affecting mental health.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have

  • Differentiated Community Care from self-care as distinct approaches to mental health support.
  • Explored the concept of “checking in” and its significance in interpersonal communication.
  • Evaluated relevant questions to consider before engaging in a check-in.
  • Practiced validation techniques during check-ins to foster compassion and understanding.
  • Applied support-offering techniques for people in distress while establishing appropriate boundaries.

What really resonated with me was how to talk to people about mental health issues. I used to feel really worried when certain friends would open up to me that I wasn’t helping or even harming them, so this made me feel more prepared and useful.

Training Participant

Springfield City Library

I think this topic was so fascinating, and I am very glad to see an organization broaching mental health from a social justice approach and moving beyond an individualized approach.

Training Participant

Springfield Public Schools Related Services and Technology

I now know the definition of community care, strategies for engaging in reparative conversation, and that prioritizing healing and communal support is necessary as well as a rejection of the capitalist mindset.

Training Participant

Mount Holyoke College

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