Estoy Aquí

Connecting the Dots between Mental Health, Suicide, and Social Justice

Estoy Aqui addresses Mental Health and Suicide by examining the underlying social, cultural, and structural issues that affect our well-being.

Welcome to the official website of Estoy Aqui LLC, a training consultancy business created and led by me, Ysabel Garcia. I am a dedicated advocate, educator, and disruptor committed to driving radical change in the realm of mental health, equity, and suicide upstream prevention.

My wealth of knowledge, shaped by my identity as a Dominican immigrant with Spanish as a first language, combined with my direct experience in the psychiatric system during moments of suicidality, brings a distinctive perspective that sets me apart.

With over 100 educational programs conducted nationwide since 2020, Estoy Aqui offers culturally responsive programs designed for organizations seeking a deeper understanding of the sociocultural and systemic dimensions of mental health and suicide within Latine and Black communities.

Our trainings, workshops, and circles go beyond the surface, challenging traditional norms and shedding light on the critical social and cultural factors contributing to mental health and suicide. So, whether you are looking to enhance your community’s understanding of mental health, foster a supportive environment within your organization, or develop effective strategies for addressing mental health and suicide, I AM HERE to guide you toward impactful and radical solutions.

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Praise and Testimonials for Estoy Aqui

“[I liked] talking about racism and colorism in the professional setting. The presenter’s honesty and openness were refreshing and essential in creating the open discussion we had.”

Participant, Confronting Colorism and Anti-Blackness in Latine and Black Culture Workshop

Springfield Public Schools City Connects

“Ysabel truly took the opposite approach of the ‘sanitized’ Suicide Training sessions and GOT REAL with it. It has already influenced how I plan to deliver services going forward and allowed me to… make space for clients to feel ok talking about it.

Participant, Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Suicide Care Training

Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence

“I liked how honest and raw the presenter was about everything she discussed. I especially liked how she connected mental health to social constructs. I never thought of it in that way, but she did a great job connecting the two.”

Participant, Protecting our Mental Health with Community Care Workshop

Stop Access Coalition

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