Suicide and mental health challenges are real issues in the Latino/x and Black community.

Estoy Aqui addresses Suicide and Mental Health by examining the underlying social, cultural, and racial issues that affect our well-being.

Suicide Prevention Education with a Social Justice Twist

Founded in March 2020, Estoy Aqui LLC provides suicide prevention training and social justice education to organizations and institutions serving the Latino/x and Black community. Our main goal is to raise awareness of the underlying social, cultural, and racial factors that create conditions for suicide to exist in these populations.

Our action-oriented trainings are based on the value of interdependence and the importance of curiosity, validation, and consent when supporting others. We look beyond individual responsibility and examine the systems and practices that impact our well-being.

These programs are ideal for organizations interested in offering professional development and training opportunities to social service, health care, and counseling professionals as well as high school and college students/staff.


Programs and Services Offered at Estoy Aqui

Suicide Prevention Training

La Cultura Sana Project

Community Care Circles

Keynotes & Public Speaking


In 2020, suicide was the 12th leading cause of death for all ages in US

(National Center for Health Statistics, 2021)


From 1999 to 2020, nearly 840,000 lives were lost to suicide in the United States

(National Center for Health Statistics, 2021)


Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in people aged 10-34 and 5th leading cause of death in people aged 35-54

(National Center for Health Statistics, 2021)

Praise and Testimonials for Estoy Aqui

“It was a nice change of pace to have a frank conversation about suicide prevention and to hear from someone with lived experience as a facilitator.”

Suicide from a Racial Justice Lens Training

Participant, Community Action Pioneer Valley Youth & Workforce Development

“Being able to realize/recognize that other people have experienced some of the same struggles as me. Made me feel connected to some of my peers. I really appreciated this presentation and being able to discuss a topic that is sometimes seen as taboo to many.”

Colorism and Anti-Blackness Workshop

Participant, Springfield Public Schools City Connects

Estoy Aqui has worked with these organizations and institutions