Connecting the Dots between Mental Health, Suicide, and Social Justice.

Estoy Aqui addresses Mental Health and Suicide by examining the underlying social, cultural, and structural issues that affect our well-being.

Founded in March 2020, Estoy Aqui LLC is a professional development training service focused on connecting the dots between suicide, mental health, and social justice. Our main goal is to provide organizations with information about the underlying social, cultural, and structural aspects of suicide and mental health in the Latine and Black community.

Our action-oriented trainings are based on the value of interdependence and the importance of curiosity, validation, and consent when supporting others. We look beyond individual responsibility and examine the systems and practices that impact our well-being.

These programs are ideal for organizations interested in offering professional development and training opportunities to social service, health care, and counseling professionals as well as educators, high schoolers, and college students.

Programs and Services

Offered at Estoy Aqui

The Social Influences of Latine and Black Mental Health Workshop Series

Suicide Speaks: Death Agency as Racial Justice and Community
Care Training

La Cultura Sana Responder Program

Community Care Circles

Praise and Testimonials for Estoy Aqui

The ENTIRE training was absolutely amazing. To have a safe place to be vulnerable, without judgment, amongst my peers was very impactful.

Participant, Colorism and Anti-Blackness Workshop

Springfield Public Schools City Connects

Ysabel truly took the opposite approach of the “sanitized” Suicide Training sessions and GOT REAL with it. It has already influenced how I plan to deliver services going forward and allowed me to… make space for clients to feel ok talking about it.

Participant, Suicide Speaks Training

Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence

I found the discussion on microaggressions to be particularly impactful. It was eye-opening to hear from everyone in our discussion group and experience a sense of unity and solidarity with the fact that we all have encountered microaggressions in some way in our lives.

Youth Participant, Racial Microaggressions Workshop

DIAL/SELF Youth & Community Services

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